Telemarketing Glossary

Telemarketing Agencies – A group of telemarketing agencies providing outsourced telemarketing services.

ELV Telemarketing Agency – We are a team of professional and experienced telemarketers and act as your extended sales operation to offer you a quality and competitively priced outsourced telemarketing service.  We are unique in our set up and this sets us apart from other telemarketing agencies.
Telemarketing Agency –An agency or team of telemarketers, acting as their agent to locate suitable telemarketing assignments.
ELV Telemarketing Agency – ELV Telemarketing act as an agent for our Freelance Telemarketers specialising in B2B Telemarketing services to include appointment setting, sales lead generation, market research and event booking telemarketing assignments.
Telemarketing Campaign – the efforts of a company to increase awareness for a particular product or service or to increase consumer awareness of a business or organisation via the marketing method of telemarketing.  telemarketing campaigns can have a limited duration
ELV Telemarketing Campaign – We work with you to devise an effective telemarketing campaign that delivers results.  We don’t charge for any set up costs for this service and take you through this process step by step to ensure that we not only meet but exceed your expectations.  We don’t have any minimum order requirement and feedback all results daily both verbally and via full statistical reporting.  Our agents build an effective working relationship as they work closely and communicate with you on a day by day basis.
Telemarketing Concepts – Type of ideas and marketing concepts to be used within telemarketing services.  Successful goals can be best achieved through identification and satisfaction of the customers’ stated and unstated needs and wants.
ELV Telemarketing Concepts – We present ideas and even suggest other marketing avenues to explore that ensure your telemarketing campaign is a success.  We suggest recommended business partners to assist with all your marketing requirements.  We work with you to meet and even exceed realistic working expectations during your campaign thus making successful goals achievable.
Telemarketing Industry – Industry sector for telemarketing services.  The act of selling, soliciting or promoting a product or service over the telephone.
ELV Telemarketing – We are part of a competitive industry sector that is results driven.  We like to think that we can offer you a highly competitive edge over your full telemarketing requirements by ensuring you receive both value for money but at the same time the quality of the work is not compromised in any way.  We are your companies spokes person over the telephone and will use effective and reliable telemarketing methods to achieve the results you require.
Telemarketing Campaigns – The efforts of a company to increase awareness for a particular product or service or to increase consumer awareness of a business or organisation via the marketing method of telemarketing.  Multiple telemarketing campaigns can be run simultaneously.
ELV Telemarketing Campaigns – We endeavour to make sure that your telemarketing campaign runs as smoothly as possible and we are professionals in multi tasking and prioritising all working processes.  ELV run up to 20 telemarketing campaigns at any given time on a simultaneous basis and incorporate highly effective working methods to ensure that each of their clients receive the same high industry standard of service.  We are available at all times to discuss your full requirements and make adjustments at all stages to achieve results that ensure the campaigns longevity.
Telemarketing Case Studies – Testimonial to the quality of the work.  Profile and overview of the clients campaign, results achieved and further action to be taken.
ELV Telemarketing Case Studies – Please go to our section on our website entitled ELV case notes to view just a few of our clients case study material.  Any one of these clients is also agreeable to give a verbal reference and testimonial to the quality of our work, results achieved and further action they have taken.  We make sure that each of our clients are satisfied with the work we conduct and we look to achieve results that ensure you achieve a ROI.
Telemarketers – Professional and experienced telephone marketing operators promoting products and services in a B2B or B2C capacity.  Introducing services and quantifying interest
ELV Telemarketers – Our professional and experienced telemarketers all have over 2 years full telemarketing experience in all areas of telemarketing expertise within the B2B environment.   They use highly effective methods to converse with senior Decision makers of both SMEs and corporate status businesses working in all industry sectors.  They make sure that they follow the strict qualification criteria set by the client to ensure that qualified sales leads or appointments are set.  They also ensure that all data is profiled and cleansed for future purposes aswell as conducting full email and reporting administration to alleviate the clients time.  They develop a close working relationship with our clients so that they become a working extension of their inhouse marketing and sales team.   They are 100% focused and dedicated to their clients telemarketing campaign to ensure that new business opportunities are developed.
Telemarketing FAQs – Frequently asked questions regarding telemarketing services and procedures.
ELV Telemarketing FAQs – Please refer to our FAQs section of our website which offers frequently asked questions relating to telemarketing services.  We look at subjects such as Data requirements, call ratios, results driven methods, campaign longevity, trial arrangements, telemarketing procedures and other subject matter that is commonly asked within this industry sector.  If all your questions are not answered from this section of our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us either via our website contact page or call us on 0844 598 3198 and we would be more than happy to answer all your queries and concerns.
Telemarketing Glossary – Vocabulary of telemarketing expressions and words frequently used within the telemarketing industry sector.
ELV Telemarketing Glossary – We understand for many individuals that contact us, this is a new marketing method they have yet to explore, and we therefore want to make the process as simple and least time consuming as possible.  We explain all processes involved and the associated vocabulary that accompanies this process and advise you the best possible route to ensure your telemarketing campaign is as effective as possible.
Telemarketing Products – Products used in connection with telemarketing to complete this type of work effectively and within agreed timeframes.  These products could be software, hardware and telephone systems common to this industry sector.
ELV Telemarketing Products – At ELV We have a professional working set up that ensures that all agents can conduct their work to a high standard and ensure that we are working within agreed timeframes.  We use all the latest software, telephone systems and hardware to ensure that we can work effectively on our clients telemarketing campaign and achieve the results they require.
Telemarketing Systems – Working Procedures and systems in place for effective telemarketing.
ELV Telemarketing Systems – At ELV we use effective systems that not only produce a high quality of work but ensure that we work within agreed timeframes, increase productivity and help us to effectively communicate and report back to our clients on a daily basis.  We categorize all calling conducted to ensure that all opportunities are prioritised and produce daily statistical reporting on our calling activity and the campaigns progress.  We explain to our clients our system processes so they understand and can work along side us within this process.
Outbound Telemarketing Companies – Telemarketing companies specialising in outbound calling activity.  These companies adopt a Proactive marketing method in which prospective and preexisting customers are contacted directly via the telephone.
ELV Outbound Telemarketing Company – We offer a full Outbound Telemarketing service whereby we pro-actively conduct a cold calling exercise that alleviates our clients time by filtering through qualified sales leads and appointments so they can focus on developing new business opportunities and generating sales.  We also conduct other types of telemarketing including market research, event booking, data cleansing and data profiling.   We use various effective telemarketing approaches to not just introduce our client’s services/products but generate interest via persuasive means.  We then nurture that interest to build a pipeline of sales leads that filter off to appointments or sales.
Outbound Telesales – The process of using the telephone as a medium to sell products and/or services.  Telesales´ is the process of actually ´closing´ the sale over the phone.  Telesales is often associated with low value sales.
Outbound sales calling activity to convert to sales of products and services.
ELV Outbound Telesales – When the product or service has a low value sale tag attached, we can take the telemarketing process one step further and actually close the sale over the telephone.   We ensure that we take the prospect as far as possible and even in some cases negotiate the product/service price to ensure the sale is achieved.  We obtain all company details, their order requirements and agree a cost to take this forward.  We would then pass this sales order back to the client to process for payment and develop the goods or service purchased.  This process can take longer than traditional telemarketing methods whereby we generate a qualified sales lead or set an appointment and a series of follow up calls will need to be made to further their interest and secure the sale.
Outbound Sales – Outbound sales calling activity to convert to sales of product/services.  Often involves using persuasion to sell a product or service
ELV Outbound Sales – When generating a sale over the telephone persuasion needs to be used to ensure that the prospect feels confident in their purchase and has full trust in that product or service being put to them.  A series of sales calls will need to be conducted to achieve this status and individuals will wish to see the companies credentials in writing and perhaps testimonials or case studies to that effect.  We ensure that all sales follow up calls are prioritised and at each stage
Outbound Teleservices – Outbound Telephone calling activity service which can include sales lead generation, appointment setting, data cleansing, marketing research, event booking and data profiling.
ELV Outbound Teleservices – We Offer a full service Outbound Telemarketing Service which includes sales lead generation, appointment setting, data cleansing, marketing research, event booking and data profiling.  We work with you from start to finish of the campaign to ensure you receive a high quality service.
Outsource Telemarketing – Outbound telephone marketing services to include –
ELV Outsource Telemarketing
Sales Lead Generation The process of finding people (consumer or business) with a qualified interest in a certain product or service. Effective method of gathering of information
ELV Sales Lead Generation – ELV Telemarketing is expert at providing your business with sales leads that are researched and identified as warm and hot prospects. Utilising proven techniques such as direct calling, market surveys will generate a growing customer base for your business. Our trained and experienced telemarketing specialists are professionals at learning your products and services. With a clear understanding of your product enables them to prospect effectively in order to engage decision-makers, qualify their needs, and secure sales appointments on your behalf.
Our goal at ELV Telemarketing is to provide your business with affordable sales solutions so you can go about running your core business.
Your business relies on more than referrals and repeat customers, you need new customers to increase sales, maximise profits and grow your business. Our Lead generation process can bring targeted customers to your sales team economically.
Data Sourcing – Sourcing a qualified prospect calling list either through a data company that is filtered to the clients requirements or from online sources.  All data should be TPS (telephone preference service) checked, Many companies request to be part of this list and will request that no cold calling or sales calls are conducted to their company.
ELV Data Sourcing – ELV Telemarketing has been supplying focused database purchase and validation for clients for over ten years. Each database of contacts is cleansed and the contacts validated to meet your target customer profile. Data validation sets can be arranged through customer profiling you target customers ensuring success of your direct marketing campaigns.
ELV Reporting – ELV Telemarketing agents offer full statistical reporting on all their daily calling activity broken down into a simple and effective chart with visual aids in the form of pie charts and graphs to assist.  They also keep comprehensive notes summarising their calling activity in order to prioritise all call backs.  They develop a close working relationship with clients to offer both verbal and written reporting feedback updating you on their progress and offering suggestions of improvements to be made to improve productivity and results
Cold Calling Lists – A list (database) of people who have no prior relationship with the company previously. Cold lists are used as a method of generating sales leads.
ELV Cold Calling Lists – If you don’t already have a prospect calling list, we work with a highly recommended Data broker that where we can oversee your full purchase from start to finish thus making the process simpler on your behalf.  We can advice you in regards to the type of target markets you are best contacting, employee numbers and geographical areas.  We make sure that these lists are cleansed for accuracy and all data is profiled so that you can use this data for other types of marketing such as direct mail and email marketing if you wish to do so.
Effective Telemarketing – effective use of telephone marketing to generate qualified results
ELV Effective Telemarketing – At ELV, we endeavour to put into place effective systems and procedures to ensure your telemarketing campaign is as effective as possible.  It’s in our best interest to achieve results that can help you to produce a ROI and ensure the longevity of the campaign.  An effective telemarketing process often involves two or more calls. The first call (or series of calls) determines the customer’s needs. The final call (or series of calls) motivates the customer to make a purchase of your product or service.  We nurture these potential sales leads to generate a steady flow of qualified leads and appointments by building up a pipeline of sales leads that filter off as qualified appointments along the way.  You have the assurance that each lead/appointments has been qualified as much as possible and there is genuine interest in your service or product for you to develop further.
Accountancy telemarketing – Telemarketing specialised to accounting industry sector
ELV Accountancy Telemarketing – ELV Telemarketing has extensive experience within the financial industry sector assisting a number of Accountancy practices throughout the UK to generate qualified opportunities in the form of sales lead and appointments.  They have adopted an effective approach to assist these firms to review their current taxes and accounts and form a 2nd opinion as a way of monitoring the company’s financial status and benchmarking this against their current accountancy provider.  Many have not carried out this exercise previously and may not even be aware that their current provider is perhaps not as proactive as they once were.  We have also assisted Independent Financial Advisors with pension reviews, mortgage and other financial advice, VAT specialists (please review our case notes on our website about Liaison) and Profit Recovery companies.
Insurance Telemarketing – Telemarketing Specialised to Insurance Industry sector
ELV Insurance Telemarketing – ELV Telemarketing has extensive experience within the Insurance industry sector assisting a number of insurance companies both offering commercial insurance and others more specialised and just working within the charity and non for profit sectors.  We have been able to effectively generate may qualified opportunities in the form of sales leads and appointments.  We take the time out to understand and profile the company and look to discuss indepth a package that would assist them from our research and offer full case study information on their current clients in similar situations aswell as statistical information of where savings have been made within that company by switching suppliers and having the necessary cover in place that is required and suited to their company setup.
IT Telemarketing – Telemarketing Specialised to Information Technology Industry sector
ELV IT Telemarketing – ELV Telemarketing has extensive experience within the IT industry sector assisting a number of IT related companies such as IT security, IT back up and support, IT consultancy, Cloud based computing, Vitalisation, IT Software Development and E-Learning products.  We take the time out to understand the complexities of this sector and the more technical aspects so that we can discuss with the prospect the product or service and overcome all objection handling.  Some of our agents even have a background in IT within various other roles such as managerial, helpdesk and IT sales and group this with their telemarketing experience to offer a highly effective approach to these types of campaigns.
Sales Prospecting – Generating Qualified sales prospects from mainly a cold calling exercise to ascertain certain information relating to that companies product or service
ELV Sales Prospecting – Prospective customers are identified by various means, including past purchase history, previous requests for information, credit limit, competition entry forms, and application forms. Names may also be purchased from another company’s consumer database or obtained from a telephone directory or another public list. The qualification process is intended to determine which customers are most likely to purchase the product or service.

Calls are charged between 1p and 13p per minute for landline customers, plus a call set-up fee.

Calls from mobile phones are typically charged between 5p and 41p per minute, depending on the provider and the number called.



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