Regulations and Rules for Outbound Telemarketing Companies

Telemarketing has been an effective method for businesses and companies who desire to have a convenient way of reaching out customers and increasing their revenues. Telemarketing is either outbound or inbound. Inbound telemarketing is a method wherein sale representatives or agents receive calls from the customers. This type of telemarketing is best for customer service, inquiry service, credit card orders and other matters also related to advertisement response. On the other hand, outbound telemarketing, which is the focus of this blog, is when agents and sale representatives are the ones who are calling customers through phones or scheduled online interviews and sale pitches. There are many businesses in the UK today that are Outbound Telemarketing Companies.

Though there are issues that outbound calls are nuisances for some, it cannot be denied that outbound telemarketing companies still have a good way to get several customers and buyers quickly and conveniently. This is why outbound telemarketing companies are required to put standards and rules for their sales representatives and call centre agents to follow. This is for them not to be an annoyance to the customers.

Whilst people think that the inbound telemarketing companies do not worry so much about this because of the fact that the customers are the one who call them, inbound telemarketing call centre agents still worry because a lot of customers expect great customer service. If the customers think and feel that the service they are giving them are not enough, the trouble that will be caused is just as much.

Regulations and rules for Nuisance Avoidance

1. Follow the time frame for calls made that is allowed for outbound telemarketing companies.This is usually from 8 am to 9 pm weekdays.
2. Pre-recorded sales pitches should not be sent to voicemails.
3. Follow the “Do not call” Policy.
4. Train telemarketers to comply with the requirements for the call policy.

Most of the outbound telemarketing companies are thriving because of the method and strategy they have. Many companies have invested on call centre outsourcing not just in their own country but in other countries as well. One good example of these outbound telemarketing companies that are outsourcing is the call centre services that Asian countries like India and the Philippines have. These call centre services are actually powered by big companies in the UK and in the US as well. Outbound telemarketing companies also the benefit of having to spend cheaper expenses when outsourcing to Asian countries and produces positive effect in providing jobs for thousands of Asian people.

Calls are charged between 1p and 13p per minute for landline customers, plus a call set-up fee.

Calls from mobile phones are typically charged between 5p and 41p per minute, depending on the provider and the number called.



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