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Las Palmas, September 2010 – Fuenteventura Football Team Finds a Strong Partner in ELV Telemarketing

The business leader in marketing and strategic services ELV Telemarketing extends its reach to the community as it proudly shows its full support for Fuenteventura’s local football team.

ELV Telemarketing’s move to join forces with the Fuenteventura football team furthers its commitment to fostering camaraderie and building rapport with various communities. This partnership with the Fuenteventura football team is just one step towards achieving ELV Telemarketing’s goal of spearheading fun, friendly matches among local companies as a celebration of teamwork and solidarity.

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ELV Telemarketing Director John Vale says:

“Getting other local companies involved in these sporting matches would really help boost the game in the community. ELV Telemarketing believes in the talent that these players have, and we hope that other local companies would also share the same sentiment. What better way to bridge communities and institutions than through a fun and exciting game of football?”

As part of the sponsorship, the company will be hosting a photo shoot, which features the team players showing off their fancy new kits from ELV Telemarketing. He says: “It is an honor for ELV Telemarketing to be given the chance to sponsor a promising team of football players. We’re very much excited to see the team’s dynamic and impressive performance on the field. Rest assured that ELV Telemarketing will be there to support them every step of the way until they reach the finals and eventually win the championship.”

A football fanatic himself, John came up with this brilliant idea of setting up a team as there is no existing football club for non-professionals. “Apart from building friendships, it is also the company’s vision to give our employees and members of the community the opportunity to hone their skills and talents through these sporting leagues.”

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The Fuenteventura Football Team

ELV Telemarketing is also proud to note that two members of the football team are actually employed by the company. “The company promotes and advocates for clean and healthy living among its employees. Through ELV Telemarketing’s support and contribution to the Fuenteventura football team, it is our hope that we also encourage others to be inspired and take on physical activities that would help them lead an active lifestyle.”

Fuenteventura’s local football team knows that they are in good hands with ELV Telemarketing. Over the years, the telemarketing agency has gained a loyal following and a good track record in the industry for its extensive knowledge and expertise in the business as proven by its roster of topnotch clients.

“Our purpose now is to give back to the community and the development of its citizens through this sponsorship. We are hopeful and positive that we will be seeing growth in the sporting community in the coming months,” Vale adds.

When asked about future plans, Vale had this to say: “Our commitment to sports and the community doesn’t end here. We’re actually looking for a semi-professional football league that we can support in the coming months.”

Enhance Your Marketing Needs Through ELV Telemarketing

Las Palmas, May 2010—ELV Telemarketing is pleased to introduce increasing its network base and covering a diverse range of products and services from varied domains. One noteworthy progress is our working with Just accounts to launch a new Accountancy solution.

“Successful businesses are based on successful processes”—with this approach in mind, the ELV Telemarketing Agency provides you with the best platform to help you address all your business marketing needs efficiently. Under its well-defined motto and unique selling point declared in its name, ELV (Excellence Leads to Value) Telemarketing helps you access your customers’ needs and provides you with the right feedback to make your business decisions. This enables you in finding out what your customers think about your business. The information that you receive will help you to carve your business to meet your customers’ needs and requirements.

All you need to do is select your service category from the list of services we provide to gain better results and ROIs in your business. From appointment setting to lead generation, market research, customer surveys, data cleansing, event & seminars and data purchase & validation, our goal is to take care of all your marketing needs and provide you with lucrative, cost-effective and affordable sales solutions, sparing your resources to concentrate on your core business areas.

ELV Telemarketing services help you by reaching out to your customers in a friendly, efficient and effective way, thereby promoting your products and services and arranging for sales meetings with your potential clients.  The agency also brings multi-lingual operators from all across the globe so that you can target new customers in major European countries and increase your company’s name, fame, brand and product awareness. With knowledgeable in research and telephone techniques, our telemarketing operators ensure maximum productivity in your business. Our constant endeavor is to ensure developing best client-facing processes and systems strongly based on our wide telemarketing experience and good business sense. Our experienced telemarketing professionals understand your products and services to effectively deploy our services in decision making and qualifying your needs to secure sales appointments and generate leads on your behalf.

Our strong knowledge and expertise in the telemarketing industry is supported by a big clientele from many industry domains such as Sales & Marketing, Human Resource, Marketing, IT Security, Manufacturing, Employment, Retail, etc.

To help you serve better and cover all aspects of marketing needs of businesses, ELV Telemarketing is increasing its network base and covering a diverse range of products and services from varied domains. One noteworthy progress is our working with Just accounts to launch a new Accountancy solution. Our successful completion of project for Liaison made the company’s chairman recommend our services to Just accounts.

About ELV Telemarketing Agency

Ever since its inception in the year 2001, ELV Telemarketing Agency helps you in understanding your customers’ needs and delivering the best to them.  The agency enhances your business by taking care of all your business marketing needs such as market research campaigns, customer surveys, lead generation campaigns, appointment settings, etc.

Our clear-cut marketing and strategic approach had led us to develop a successful telemarketing process to help you in your business. We understand the importance of your telemarketing project and study your needs and requirements carefully. Based on what you need, we craft a bespoke programme for your telemarketing project to achieve end results most effectively. To know more about our services, visit us at

Serving the Abandoned Children By Providing Them love, Freedom And Life

One of the primary reasons for adoptions is absolute care about children. Adoption is a great responsibility on the part of the adult or the couple as a child’s future is extremely dependent on the environment in which it grows. New born babies, orphans and kids who have been left on the streets suffer from lack of care, compassion and protection from the world. Adopting such children empowers them and gives them a life. This is the single most important reason for adults who are passionate about protecting and nurturing to take on the responsibility of raising the child. Love for the children is something which is lacking in the world. It would be great if more people come forward and show love towards the poor children who are left to suffer in the world. The nature of satisfaction that is experienced by parenthood is simply beyond imagination. Individuals need to experience in person to know how it feels. There are lots of children abandoned because of aids and other diseases.

This is exactly what Cedars Children’s village does. The main aim of this community is to give a home to the kids, educate them and let them have fun the way children are supposed to have. Education is one of the most important necessities to survive in the modern world. Children who receive proper education can stand on their own when they become adults by following career paths that will not only give them success but also pride and joy. Caretaking children also comes with the responsibility of ensuring that all of the daily chores are taken care of so that the orphanage and the farmhouse. The reality is money is needed for all the tasks. Renovation of farmhouse and education and setting up of the school involves considerable amount of funds. A Fun Run was organized during which funds were raised for this purpose. All of the money was spent on the setting up of the school and renovations of farmhouse so that the children can have a proper home but the school was half finished.

The staff at ELV has been active participants in the event in more than one way. Some of them have also taken part in the running. Many of the companies have made contributions and further donations are really appreciated. Every child deserves to live a fulfilling life and this is what drives Cedars Children’s village to work more than ever to give more children the life they need.

Another Fun Run of 20 km is being organized in the November with the hope that sufficient funds are received for the school and buying Christmas presents for the kids. All types of donations are welcomed. This is an excellent opportunity for the people who want to contribute towards a good cause. Any one who wants to donate can do so now easily via the PayPal account that has been set up. It would be great to see more people who would like to involve in this undertaking.

To know more about our services, visit us at

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Calls from mobile phones are typically charged between 5p and 41p per minute, depending on the provider and the number called.



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