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Telemarketing systems and its Alternative Software Programs

The Telemarketing systems are systems that are used mostly by a lot of businesses and corporations. Generally, these systems use a method of direct marketing. This means a sales person or a call centre agent calls a prospective customer to give sales pitches. This may either be on Inbound or outbound calls. “Inbound calls” is when the customers are the ones who call the agent while “outbound calls” is when the agent randomly calls out customers through phones or the internet.

Telemarketing systems are the providers of automated call centre phone systems and outsourcing services which include auto-call dialling systems. This feature allows auto diallers to broadcast and disseminate pre-recorder messages to thousands of phones at the same time. Moreover, these pre-recorded messages can also be sent to answering machines and voicemails. There are already many Telemarketing systems today. Each has its own unique feature that makes them stand out against each other.

An alternative system is a substitute software that is preferred over another that has been found out to have some failures and shortcomings. Few of the famous systems and alternative systems that are used by telemarketing industries today are as follows.

1. Telemation CRM software – The Telemation CRM services are designed to support outbound and inbound calls, as well as blended and predictive dialling campaigns.

2. Profit Software – This software is an ACT alternative. It focuses on easier filing and access, various productivity tools, and resources that produce bigger revenue.

3. Vanillasoft Telemarketing software – One of the most productive telemarketing systems is the Vanillasoft software. The software is specially designed for inside sales teams and sales by phone. They also offer auto-dialling function, team based call scripts, dynamic call routing, do not call compliance and many more.

4. Netoffice software – This software is the Vanillasoft alternative.

5. Prophet 4.0 – Prophet 4.0 is Goldmine alternative. The Prophet 4.0 telemarketing systems offer a friendly user lay out and easy to learn sales and contact management system designed with Microsoft Outlook.

The Telemarketing systems provide greater opportunities and possibilities to increase the revenues of businesses and companies. It helps these companies to have a wider range of reach and have more effective sales and management as well. With the various companies that offer telemarketing systems that a company can choose from, it is certain that one will be able to choose the best system and methods that will pass their standards and requirements.

Calls are charged between 1p and 13p per minute for landline customers, plus a call set-up fee.

Calls from mobile phones are typically charged between 5p and 41p per minute, depending on the provider and the number called.



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