Telemarketing Concepts

The Brilliance of the Telemarketing Concept

For a business to thrive, it is important for the head of office to follow a certain method or technique. Just like in playing games, businesses need a method that is constant in producing a positive outcome. Businesses have planned several methods just to find the perfect approach for success. Through years of discovering and experimenting what method would satisfy these businessmen’s wants and requirements, the telemarketing concept has been born.

The telemarketing concept covers the excellent method of telemarketing. This method is also known as the inside sales. It practices direct marketing, a method where a sales person calls directly to prospective customers and buyers to sell and present the businesses’ products and services in the use of telephones and the internet. The telemarketing concept has been a rave method in the business arena because of the positive outcome and several benefits a company gets out of it.

Many Businesses create their own call centre company to do the telemarketing task. These call centres can either be in outbound or inbound calls. Either way, a big revenue return comes by through these processes. The telemarketing concept has amazed people in the business domain in many ways. This is why many have undergone telemarketing training courses just to perfect the technique of the process. These trainings are designed for different jobs.

Trainings for interested businessmen:
• Sales Training
• Corporate Training
• Leadership Training
• Management Training

After such trainings have been successfully taken, it is more likely for the company to get the idea of how the process goes and the telemarketing concept in general. Moreover, telemarketing offers a great list and discussion of benefits.

1. The Telemarketing concept requires an instant feedback from customers. This allows the company and business to work on the matter instantly.
2. With telemarketing, businesses are capable of reaching a far extent of customers mainly through telephones and the internet.
3. The Inbound telemarketing provides 24/7 full time support for customers, making the company reachable and hassle free.
4. Advertising and travelling expenditures are decreased by a large percent.

The Telemarketing concept has not been perfected yet, since there are still a few cons and downsides especially in the outbound telemarketing side. However, the possibilities of being able to multiply the revenues, improve the management and run of the business, the limitless possibilities and opportunities the concept has been giving are more than enough for the businesses to appreciate its brilliance.

Calls are charged between 1p and 13p per minute for landline customers, plus a call set-up fee.

Calls from mobile phones are typically charged between 5p and 41p per minute, depending on the provider and the number called.



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